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About Us

About Us

The first concept of SAM (spottng assistance machine) started as a sketch on a piece of paper.  Two years later after countless designs, prototypes, and testing, SAM is a fully portable cheer and gymnastics spotting/training system.  SAM folds in under 2 minutes, and easily rolls into storage.  Its innovative 10 Level Progression System allows athletes to start skills with 100% spotting assistance and progressively work through each level until they reach 2% spotting assistance. SAMTM is the safest way to learn cheerleading and gymnastics skills including springs, tucks, fulls double fulls, and many other skills.


SAM's patent pending design was created to solve numerous problems that coaches and athletes face everyday. Spotting is tough on a coach’s body, but with SAMTM a coach can stand back and teach with their experience not their muscle. SAMTM allows athletes to throw hundreds of reps without ever getting tired. More reps means more skills! Many gyms are tight on space or grow and change facilities which makes equipment moves a big hassle. SAM’s fully portable design allows you setup daily in under just 2 minutes or fold and stow away when not inuse. SAMTM systems are used in cheer, gymnastics, martial arts, pakour, diving, and numerous industries. To grow your program, improve your athletes, and take a competitive leap over other local gyms add SAMTM to your facility today! 



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